Dental Crowns & Bridges In
Las Vegas, NV.

Dental Crowns And Bridges Can Protect Your Smile

Do you have a broken or damaged tooth, or are you missing one of your teeth? A dental crown can provide protection for your teeth by covering repaired areas. Our dental bridges fill in the gap left behind by a missing permanent tooth.

Our dentists in Las Vegas, NV. use high-quality materials and advanced dental techniques to keep your smile healthy and beautiful!

Dental Crowns From Your Dentist In Las Vegas, NV.

Over time, our teeth often receive damage like chips, excessive wear, or decay. A dental crown can be placed over your tooth to protect it from further damage and is designed to blend in with your natural teeth.
Our patients often use dental crowns after a large filling has been placed, so the tooth won’t be as susceptible to further wear and tear. Trauma and gum disease can also leave your teeth weakened, often to the point where eating becomes difficult.
At our Las Vegas, NV. office, our team can show you how a dental crown can benefit you. We are especially excited about our CEREC machine and what it can do for your dental health.


Before CEREC, all dental crowns had to be manufactured in an outside lab. With the CEREC machines, your custom-made crown can be ready for placement in one day. Our knowledge in advanced dental technology allows us to conveniently finish your treatment in one visit instead of two.

There are many dentists in Las Vegas, NV. who offer customized crowns, but you can have convenience along with a customized crown when you come to Lone Mountain Family Dental!    

Dental Bridges Can Keep Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV. Smiling!

A dental bridge is used to replace missing teeth and is supported with dental crowns that are placed on adjacent teeth. Replacing a tooth with a bridge can prevent your remaining teeth from shifting and causing misalignment in your bite.
Your dentist in Las Vegas, NV. can provide you with a customized dental bridge that will restore the look and functionality of your smile.
Our CEREC machine can also have dental bridges ready for same-day placement, providing high-quality dental work without the long wait. Each bridge is specially designed for you, and our dentist will ensure the bridge fits correctly before sending you home.
If you need a dental crown or a dental bridge, our team will talk to you about your options and how to get great results from your treatment. Dr. Tom examines each patient to determine which treatment is right for you.
For our patients who choose to have dental work created in an outside lab, we can prepare a temporary restoration in the meantime.


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